Service Details

Accounting & Bookkeeping

To maintain accounting records for the company in accordance with Taiwan’s laws and regulations.
  • To provide monthly reports in English and in the format that required by the Company. The reports will be provided on the date required by the Company or its head office.
  • To conduct withholding tax matter with respect to salary, office rent, and service fee to professionals.
  • To compute and file value-added tax and purchase Government Unified Invoice every two months.
  • According to your information to issue the Government Unified Invoice and mail to your client.
  • Payroll and Cashier Service.
  • Insurance program service.
  • Tax service:
    1. Corporation Income Tax
    2. Individual Income Tax
    3. Representation for Tax Appealing Procedures


  • Audit of financial statements
  • Audit of income tax returns
  • Internal audits
  • Special purpose audits
  • Evaluation of internal control systems
  • Audit of inventory of a bonded factory
  • Management letters on internal control systems
  • Management letters on filing of tax returns
  • Handing questions requested by tax authorities

Company Registration

  • Set up a new company
  • Capital increase / decrease
  • Registered business address revision registration
  • Share transfer registration
  • Organization revision registration
  • Merger
  • Company name revision registration
  • Business scope revision registration
  • Director, Supervisors revision registration
  • Cease operation
  • Resume operation
  • Dissolution
  • Foreign companies invest in Taiwan
  • Working Permits & ARC


  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) advisory service.
  • Corporate Finance Analysis and Diagnosis.
  • Tax planning and consultation.
  • Accounting system, internal control and administrative management

Establishment and Consultation.

  • E-Accounting system consultation.
  • HR development and planning consultation.
  • Foreign companies invest in Taiwan
  • Overseas investment and tax consultation.
  • In-house Finance course for non-finance managers
  • Others